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Cost of Truth

Donna Gordon grew up devoted to the Catholic faith. In her teen years, Donna entered the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Kedron, Brisbane, where she trained as a postulant and later as a novice nun. After nearly three years, Donna changed her vocation from teaching to nursing, leaving Kedron to study at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital Townsville, with the aim of serving her church as a health professional.

In 1971, she met and fell in love with her.....

One Damp Day

It is difficult to accurately describe what lies within except to say it is borne from a sometimes thoughtful, sometimes reckless, often illogical, but always imaginative, mind.

The collective came into being one dreary, wet day when, bored with the thought of housework I cobbled together a raft of my passionately written rhymes and musings, which until then had lived in a dusty cardboard box under the bed. It certainly isn‛t poetry, but it does relate to many different aspects.....